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Zachary Rozga






You’re not alone! We all need to defend our event budgets. Swurveys is an awesome tool, specifically designed for events, that spits out quantifiable data while simultaneously providing a fun experience for your attendees. 

We are the experts in audience engagements. Every Swurvey Full Service deployment is white label so that your brand is front-and-center for your audience. We provide a suite of services to integrate Swurveys into your next event or brand activation:

Engagement Consultation – How do you connect with today’s audiences?

Question Consultation – How to create effective questions using the Swurveys methodology

Lead Qualification – Can you figure out who is a hot lead in 3–5 questions?

Graphic Design – Get the most brand aligned, beautiful Swurvey you can imagine.

Other value added services available upon request:

• Brand Activation Strategy

Brand Ambassadors

Data Analysis

Systems Integration

Email Marketing Campaigns

Social Retargeting