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Switcher Studio


Marc Gawith










Level–Up Your Live Video

Use iPhones and iPads to easily create professional–looking live video.


The Power of Switcher
With the original multi-camera, live–video creation platform, you can edit while you shoot and send live video directly to YouTube, Facebook Live and other platforms.

Boost Branding
Create dynamic video using logos, photos and video from your device’s camera roll. Customize our templates for your own look.

Add Angles
Sync up to nine iPhones and iPads as additional cameras to create professional, multi-cam video.

Cast Your Screen
Use your Mac, PC, or iOS device’s screen as a video source to show websites, presentations, video calls, clips and more.

Go Live + Record
Stream live, record or both – you choose. Wirelessly capture video from multiple angles and edit in Final Cut Pro X.

In the past, creating videos has been expensive, complicated, and time-consuming. Switcher, founded in 2014, changes that by allowing users to create high-quality, professional-looking videos, using hardware they already own. With Switcher, users can easily switch from multiple camera angles using iPads and iPhones. Users can also add in logos, effects, photos, videos, and more to their livestreams. With Switcher, anyone can master livestream content like the pros. Now integrates with Microsoft Stream!