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A series of articles about all facets of event planning with helpful hints, planning ideas, sample schedules and budgeting tips from the B&E Team.

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Why You Use A Professional Photographer

Why are photographs important? Photographs capture the results of months of hard work and are great to have on hand after an event is over. Photographs can be used to thank a sponsor. Photographs of a grand opening or award presentation can be used in press releases after the event or for future events. Photographs can be a great keepsake and follow-up thank-you for the supporters who attend the function year after year.

event photography

Selecting a photographer: Find a photographer whose style you like. Look closely at his or her sample albums, and don't be afraid to ask for references. Be sure to select a photographer who has experience taking the types of photographs you are looking for.

A contract is important to reserve the date and should confirm that the estimate given will be the actual cost. Always call the week before your event to confirm date and times. It's also smart to send a written schedule by email or mail.

Digital vs. Film Photography: If you need quick turnaround or want your guests/attendees to leave the event with their pictures, digital would be the best format for you. However, if you are doing a portrait of the company president to use in your collateral material, you should look at film. Once you have determined what types of pictures you need and how they will be used, consult with your photographer and determine which format (digital or film) is best for your event. This day and age, most photographers work with both film and digital formats.

Assign a photographer's helper: If you have an event with lots of things going on, you can ensure the success of your photographs by assigning a photographers helper. Submit a list of photographic requests to both the photographer and helper one week before the event so that your helper can guide the photographer to all the right people, places, or setups.

Courtesy of Mike Penney, Photographer