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Valet Services


valet services

Bookend your event with valet parking, as they are the first and last impression your guests will have.  Valet parking sets a tone for your event and lets guests know that you are going to pamper them throughout their time with you.  It can also be a necessity when dealing with venues that have inadequate parking.  

Insurance and Licenses
Make sure the valet service you are about to hire is fully licensed and insured. Ask for a copy of their license and insurance binder and verify that it’s current. 

Guest Count
This is the greatest factor in determining the total number of valet attendants you will need, so giving your valet company an accurate guest count is paramount.  This is how they will base how many attendants you will need.

Determine the number of parking spaces near your location. The valet service will be able to maximize those spaces. Make sure the valet drop off area is close to the entrance of your function. Don’t forget about adding transportation options for your event when the activities are greater distances from one another.

Weather preparedness
Request that the valet attendants have weather appropriate supplies; umbrellas for rain and snow removal equipment such as ice scrapers, salt or sand, and snow shovels during the winter months.

Since valets are guest’s first point of contact, use this opportunity to further promote your theme by providing them with appropriate attire. Hosting a sports event where Team Valet greets them in coordinating sports jerseys will surely add a lively element to the festivities.  Dressed up or down, valets should always wear clean, pressed and tidy uniforms.

Most companies will quote a job by the hour, per attendant and add in insurance costs.