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A series of articles about all facets of event planning with helpful hints, planning ideas, sample schedules and budgeting tips from the B&E Team.

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Signs & Signage

Event Signage Considerations

Effective event signage has to stand out and capture the attention of your attendees.  Signs are the first thing they see as they enter your event so you want to make sure you create a good impression! Signs also relay your brand and event message as well as acknowledge sponsors.

The first step of determining what signs you will need is to walk through the property with your venue coordinator and identify locations that will best guide your attendees from point A to B. Be sure to ask about any restrictions and if they provide easels or stands. If they don’t, you will you need to make arrangements to rent them. If you are going to use large free-standing signs, make sure you get the dimensions of the sign holder from your sign company, show decorator or rental company before you start to design your signs or order anything.

How to select a sign company

Unless you have an in-house graphic designer, you should look for a sign company that can do more than just print. In fact you may find that your sign company becomes one of your biggest partners in creating your event’s look and feel so be sure to meet with them early in the planning process.

Ask about:

•          Do they provide in-house design services?
•          Be sure to get the digital file specs for printing before you start the design process.
•          What type of lead time do they need to print your signs?
•          If needed, can they install your signs?
•          What additional collateral material can they produce?

Types of signs

Signs play a vital role in welcoming and moving attendees from one location to another. While your venue may provide standard signs as part of their package, ask yourself if those signs standout and are easily identifiable.

•          Welcome
•          Registration
•          Directional
•          Program content
•          Recognition of sponsors
•          Banners
•          Display

Make sure that you design your signs in conjunction with all your collateral material so that you have a unified look and feel for your event.

Your final step before placing your sign orders is to determine if you can use the signs again. That will help you to decide what type of material or product you should print on.

Quick Tips

•          Be sure to do a walk through your venue to determine the quantity and locations of  your signs. 

•          Ask if the sign company has in-house graphic designers. 

•          Allow ample lead-time for production. 

•          Designate someone to make sure signs are placed correctly in the pre-determined locations.