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A series of articles about all facets of event planning with helpful hints, planning ideas, sample schedules and budgeting tips from the B&E Team.

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Games & Team Building

Why use games and team building activites at an event? Games and team building opportunities unify attendees and allow them to enjoy themselves and get to know their fellow visitors. Corporate team building for employees can serve as a morale booster to build strength within the company. There are many companies that provide services to encourage and entertain attendees, employees, and visitors. At your function, hiring a company to provide games and team building opportunities provides the attendees with a memorable experience that they will take away from your event.

When are games and team building appropriate? Anytime! When done properly, themes can be used to enhance a business meeting, client appreciation, awards event, or even reunions.

How is a theme chosen? First, define the goals of your event. Then, set what you want to accomplish with the event.  Next, determine who your attendees are and what you want them to take away with them. After these elements of the planning process have been determined, choosing what theme options will work best become easier. Brainstorming with a committee or colleague can be a big help.

Are theme events expensive? They don't have to be. It depends on your budget. Some of your theme ideas can be accomplished with a small budget if you and your committee are willing and able to spend the time necessary. However, a much better use of your time and money may be to use a meeting planner, prop, or entertainment company. 

Decorating tips for theme events: Consider three to four main areas of the facility for theme props. Main focus areas can include the entryway to the event, state, guest tables, beverage, and food stations. 

Interactive and Theme ideas for your next event:

  • Philanthropic – Reward your team and community by arranging a philanthropic, giving-back event.
  • Culinary – Host your own Iron Chef or Cupcake Wars; or learn how to make signature cocktails
  • Minute To Win It – 60 seconds on the clock and a whole lot of teamwork to accomplish, simple, yet challenging tasks.
  • Eco-friendly – Focus on environmental awareness, responsibility and sustainability, in the office and beyond.
  • Vegas – Break out the Monopoly money and bet it all on red!
  • Wipe Out – Which team can complete the obstacle inflatable course fastest, or last longest at Laser Tag?!
  • That's Entertainment! – Murder mysteries to comedy sketches, interactive entertainment is a great way to get everyone involved in the fun.
  • Geoteaming – cell phone scavenger hunts and GPS goose chases
  • Tee Up – miniature golf rentals
  • Race Night – indoor go-kart races