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Awards & Corporate Gifts

Awards & Corporate Gifts

Awards & Corporate Gifts

Expressing your appreciation for clients or attendees with gifts, or awards, not only honors and thanks them for their presence, it helps provide a means of further engagement between you and more exposure for your company. Providing gifts that are creative, easy to travel with, and functional, are a wonderful way to show clients your appreciation for their time, interest and attendance. Thank you gifts, often given to vendors, speakers, and volunteers, for doing a good job, help to keep you at the forefront of clients or attendees minds.

Hosting awards to further promote clients expertise in an area, further fosters a culture of appreciation for their talents.

Reasons to give:

  • Welcoming gesture
  • Thank you
  • Help set the tone of the event
  • Recognition of career achievements
  • Company Summits or Conferences
  • Holiday Company Parties
  • Client or Vendor Gifts
  • Recommendations or Referrals

Corporate Gift Ideas:

Gift and fruit baskets: The famous welcome basket of fruit has come a long way!  The fruit basket has evolved into a theme basket for whatever occasion is at hand. Pick the items and the theme, and the basket can be created. Baskets can be personalized according to hobbies, season, or local food additions such as wine, coffee or chocolate.

Non-food gifts: Calendars, beverage mugs, books, pen and pencil sets, gift crates, and flowers work wonderfully for easy yet personal gift giving. Customization of these with your company or events logo makes for easy additional promotional opportunities 

Room gifts: These are usually light snacks, cheese, wine, crackers, and fruit. Logo chocolates are fun to have for a late-night treat. Other items might be mementos of the city, state, or company. Coffee table books can be easily packed for the return trip home. 

Annual gifts: The holidays are always busy times for the gift-giving businesses, thanking clients for their business and vendors for a job well done. Keep in mind these gifts need to be tasteful. A gift given during the year for no particular reason is a nice surprise.

No matter what style of thank you or welcome gift you give, make sure your gifts feature your company logo or events information. 

Legal-ease: The IRS allows businesses to deduct up to $25 for business gifts you give to any one person per year. There is no limit on how many people you can give business gifts to during the year, nor on how much you spend for those gifts, although your business gift deduction is limited to $25 per recipient.  


Corporate awards are lasting visual symbols that show how much the award winner's contributions are valued.  Traditional plaques have little purpose aside from placing them on a wall or desk. Today, many awards have a purpose-an engraved clock or a piece of engraved jewelry. It's nice to receive an award you can proudly use and display throughout the year that reminds you of that special acknowledgment.  Unique, unusual, or uncommonly beautiful awards elicit the most comments from the employees and customers who see them. The best awards are ones that are selected with the people who receive them in mind.