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Redmond School of Glass


7102 180th Avenue NE, Suite A105

Redmond, WA 98052

Heather Mathieson






Redmond School of Glass is an educational glassblowing studio that is focused on providing students with an opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a glass artist. 

How often do you get the opportunity to play with fire? At Redmond School of Glass– you aren’t only encouraged to play with fire– but we help you do it!  We accept groups that range in size from 4 to 80 attendees. After we walk everyone through a safety briefing and demonstration– we’ll begin working with each attendee on their own unique glass piece. Your event can be as simple as coming in for 2 hours, or as extensive as a full sit down meal while working on more advanced glass pieces– and anything in between. While here, your team cannot help but take a break from the stress of their daily lives– that’s what standing around with 2200 degree glass can do to you! We have plenty of parking and will work with you on all aspects of your event.

Play with Fire at Redmond School of Glass 

All of our classes and events will maximize your attendee’s opportunity for hands on time. We’ll have each attendee apply their own color, heat it and melt it in, shape the pieces using a wood block, have a partner blow out the piece for them– and depending on the piece– as much of the finishing touches as possible. All while echoing the fact that glassblowing is a team sport– we rely on each other for not just air but for taking heats when its gotten too hot, opening doors, blocking the heat, etc. You’ll choose between a number of classes including ornaments and floats, floppy bowls, and our very popular seasonal Pumpkin class. 

Prices start at $55 and up depending on the glass art pieces that will be created by your team. Prices include all materials and instruction, as well as use of the gallery space.

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