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Kelly Cannoli 


9118 35th Ave NE


Seattle, WA 98115

Kelly Wilson




Plated Cannoli, Cannoli Platter, Gluten Free Cannoli Platter

Flavors: New York Classic White Cream, Vanilla-Cinnamon Cream, Espresso Cream

Toppings: Mini Chocolate Chips, Oreo Crumbles, Candied Lemon Peel, Toffee Bits, Cherry, Pistachio 

Specialty Desserts: Cannoli Cake, Cannoli Tower or Giant-Stuffed Cannoli , 12pc, 24pc. Larger in 12pc increments

Cost: $3-$5 per head.  60 minimum for delivery; Delivery cost not included

“The BEST CANNOLI in the US! They are made with Ricotta and the cream is perfect. I travel coast to coast and I generally seek out local Italian Bakeries. My referene points for this review are Termini Bros in Phili, Mike’s in Boston and Delaurenti in Pike Market. With these great cannoli makers as a baseline I have to say Kelly’s are better. They taste like the Cannoli my Sicilian grandmother made for us as kids. Take it from a Cannoli snob… Kelly’s are worth going out of your way for.” Bob S. in Bothell, WA

“I ordered two large trays of assorted cannoli’s and people flipped out! People on diets broke their diets to have them, and then ate two more and said they didn’t regret it! I heard them saying “No seriously, it’s worth it, you need to have one!” I have worked with countless caterers, I have never seen such a positive response. It truly brightened everyone’s day and I will absolutely be ordering through Kelly Cannoli again!” Diana in Bellevue, WA

Authentic New York Style Cannoli

Authentic New York style Cannoli can only be achieved by using the finest ingredients found in the Northeast United States and we go out of our way to bring that deliciousness to you. Second to ingredients, the most important detail is in the preparation; our Cannoli are filled fresh to order and filled all the way through! Never a hollow or soggy shell!

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