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June Event? Get Your Banquet Permit NOW!!

Plan Ahead!!

If your event is to occur in the next several weeks, we suggest you purchase your banquet permit NOW. All banquet permits have to be purchased online after May 31 and there have been problems with the new system. If you get your permit now, it leaves plenty of time to run down to the liquor store in the next 7 days if the online processing doesn't work.

We're now a just week away from the Thursday, May 31 close of the last of the Washington State Liquor Stores and the start of private liquor sales on Friday, June 1st.  All sales of Washington State banquet permits will now be made online...and there appear to be some problems.  Apparently, the credit card processing is proving difficult for some types of cards and there is an alert on the website....which directs you to the state run liquor store. To avoid problems, don't wait 'til the last minute.

While the state is out of the liquor selling business, it is NOT out of the permit business and you still need a Banquet Permit to serve liquor at a private event held in a public place. State Liquor Control Officers can visit events, so remember to sign and post a copy of the banquet permit at your event where the alcohol is served.


Here are the regulations about banquet permits from the Washington State Liquor Control Board website – and do read all the way to the bottom.

What is a banquet permit? 
A banquet permit is a permit you apply for that allows the service and consumption of liquor at a private, invitation-only banquet or gathering held in a public place or business. Examples include weddings, company banquets, retirement parties, and club, organization or church events.

Ordering your banquet permit online
Please order your banquet permit online.

What does the permit cost?
Banquet permits cost $10 per day for your event, so, a three day events costs $30. Note that you will need an email address and a credit or debit card to complete this transaction. If you do not find the email with attachment in your inbox, please check your “junk” or “spam” folders before contacting LCB Licensing Customer Service Desk for support.

Important information about banquet permits

  • All banquet permit sales are final
  • No refunds will be issued
  • Banquet permits are available to for-profit businesses, societies, organizations, and individuals
  • Retail liquor licensees may not obtain banquet permits
  • Attendance must be by invitation only
  • The event may not be open or advertised to the public
  • Liquor must be free of charge, or brought by individuals attending the event. No separate or additional charge may be made for liquor, and donations cannot be accepted
  • The event cannot be for business promotions
  • Liquor must be purchased from a retail store at full retail price
  • Package deals are allowed that may include, for example, the cost of dinner, liquor and entertainment. To ensure participants receive an equal share, tickets exchangeable for drinks may be issued as part of the package price. No profit may be made from the packaged deals
  • Rental facilities or halls may require a banquet permit
  • You must obtain any required permits from your local authorities when you host an event in a public place
  • A banquet permit is not required when all of the following apply:
  1. The event is hosted by an individual, not an organization or business entity
  2. Guests are not charged for admission or anything provided at the function (e.g. ice, setup, food, hors d’oeuvres, etc.).
  3. "Charge" includes donations, dues, fees, or otherwise
  4. The event would normally be held in the individual’s private home, but is so large that a separate facility is needed to accommodate it
  5. The facility where the event is held is closed to the general public during the event and does not have a liquor license
  6. There is no business purpose for the event or any financial gain

What does the Liquor Control Board do with my banquet permit?
When you purchase your banquet permit online, an email copy of it is sent to your local liquor enforcement office. Officers can visit gatherings, so it is important that you sign and post a copy of your permit at the location where you will be serving the alcohol at your event.

Photo by Amazing Ice Sculptures


Vendor Spotlight: The Confectional! For Those Who Love Cheesecake!

Being lovers of cheesecake here at B&E, we were thrilled to hear that The Confectional has opened a second location. Now in addition to their Pike Place Market location, you'll be able to find them at 618 Broadway Avenue E, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. When it comes to cheesecake, these guys are simply the best! The individual serving sizes in assorted flavors give you the flexibility of ordering for two or catering for 100. And we don't dare to forget to mention their cheesecake truffles –YUM! They can even ship any of these fabulous taste delights to the location of your choice. You deserve to treat yourself or better yet, be a hero to your guests with these amazing desserts from The Confectional.


We Think You'll Love...GlassDharma

We are always trying to find little or big ways to become greener. Today we share with you David Leonhardt's idea to help eliminate some plastic waste. David has been a glassblower for over ten years and has started using his skill to replace plastic straws with glass ones. His GlassDharma line of straws being made of glass, leak no toxins in your beverage and are covered by a lifetime guarantee of no breakage! We think this is a small step to making your life a little greener, and could also add a greener touch to your next meeting or event! Check out Davids website for further details and more benefits to using glass straws!


Jelly Shots Round Two!

Not so long ago we did a feature on Jelly Shot Test Kitchen. We love this blog and idea so much that today we are featuring one of their latest concoctions...The Bramble! Feast your eyes on this yummy looking jelly shot! In hopes that June will finally kick us into summer weather, we think The Bramble would be a great addition at your next party!


We Think You'll Love...Dine Around Seattle

In it's tenth year Dine Around Seattle offers locals and visitors an array of fine dining experiences. This semi-annual celebration happens each November and March, Sundays through Thursdays, inviting you to taste Seattle's finest 3 course dinners for a small bill of 30 dollars! With over 25 restaurants participating including Salty's, Rays Boathouse, Palisade, McCormick & Schmicks, Earth & Ocean, Cutters, bin on the lake, and Barking Frog, just to name a few! We love Dine Around Seattle and look forward to enjoying some satisfying meals this month!

 Earth & Ocean RestaurantMcCormick & Schmicks Harborside

Top image courtesy Earth & Ocean Restaurant

Bottome image courtesy McCormick & Schmicks Harborside


Valentines Tea For Two at The Tuscan Tearoom!! 

Romanza Floral recently opened The Tuscan Tearoom off of California Avenue in west Seattle. With it's scrumptious food and fine teas, not to mention the exquisite decor that sends you right to Tuscany, we think this Valentine's Day would be perfect to start your day off with some Tuscan Tearoom delights!! For full menu and details check The Tuscan Tearoom website!

Seattle Tuscan Tearoom Valentines


Pike Brewing's 3rd Annual Chocofest!!

Pike Brewing Company is holding their 3rd Annual Chocofest as an educational AND very romantic way to discover the wide variety of chocolate treats from all around the world!! With over two dozen different types of chocolate, Pike's is also offering over 20 different beers, wines, and mead spirits! Chocofest will be on February 10 at 5:30 at the Micro Brewery Museum and Naughty Nellie Room, the cost is $25 per person. For ALL the details check out Pike's website.

Seattle Valentine's 2011