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The Northwest Event Show is coming!

B&E Northwest Event Show


Learn, Meet, Mingle & Win at the Seattle Business Tradeshow

You've got people to meet & things to do! Join us at the Seattle Business Tradeshow. With 160 exhibitors and over 1,000 attendees, the Seattle Business Tradeshow is a 4-hour, power-packed event where you can boost your brand awareness and meet your next customers. Learn about and connect with local businesses of all shapes and sizes. Banquet & Event will be in the Gold Zone, Booth #304, with Complimentary Event and Wedding Guides.

Why attend?

  1. CONNECT: 1000+ Seattle business networking opportunities.
  2. LEARN: Join us at 2 p.m. for the our keynote "The Art of Personal Branding" from PR-guru Mel Carson. (Entrance to keynote is included with registration of this event).
  3. WIN Prizes every hour, on the hour: Great items including a Fitbit, an Xbox One, event tickets, hotel stays, gift certificates, and more!
  4. MEET: Experience the variety of products and services Chamber member exhibitors have to offer.

Plus! Dive into the ice cream sundae bar and other great bites from Gordon Biersch, Frosted Cupcakes & Cakes, Ingallina's, Buca di Beppo, and more!

Seattle Business Tradeshow
June 8, 2016 | 3-7pm
Washington State Convention Center
$10 to attend | Register HERE


Street Treats: B&E Seattle Food Truck Spotlight Series

Continuing our Banquet Event (B&E) Spotlight Vendor series featuring our favorite local Seattle Food trucks, today we're highlighting Diane Skwiercz of Street Treats.  

Street Treats makes everything from scratch and sources as many local products as possible.  Including local vendors such as Caffe Vita, Smith Brothers Dairy, CB’s Nuts, Cedar Grove Packaging, Jones Soda and Youngquist Berries. Some of their yummy offerings include build your own s’mores, build your own ice cream cookie sandwiches, ice cream sundaes, root beer floats & dessert platters.
We caught up with Diane recently and got the scoop on what's happening in the truck, mini cart, and catering Street Treats world and here's what she had to share: 

"Street Treats started in June of 2010 with a love of sweets!  On launch day, we thought of the idea of customizable ice cream sandwiches; since we carried both cookies and ice cream.  Each guest can mix two entirely different cookies and the ice cream.  It's super fun and interactive and Delicious! Seattle secret that may not be known, is that most of the local ice cream shops use an industrialized base, think store shelved brownie mix. We actually make our ice cream from scratch standing over the stove, using cream, milk, egg yolks and sugar.  It is super premium ice cream! 
We still eat sweets everyday!”

Learn more about how Street Treats can make your event a sweet success at |  Follow them socially on Facebook @Street Treats, Twitter @streettreatswaPinterest & Instagram @streettreatswa

Street Treats Event Desserts


POP UP: B&E Seattle Food Truck Spotlight Series

Remeber the days of hearing that tinny jingle down the street and running to catch the ice cream truck? Mobile Mavens will bring back the child in you with their popsicle ice cream "truck"  POP UP.  This bike offers yummy local, artisanal ice cream, gelatos, sorbetos, ice cream sandwiches and popsicles from local companies including Full Tilt Ice Cream, Whidbey Island Creamery, Vovito and Cupcake Royale Ice Creamery.

Tthat's one cool and sweet way to treat your guests!

Learn more about POP UP at |  Follow them socially as "POP UP bike pops" on Facebook | On Twitter as Bike Pops @popupbikepops | Droll over them on Instragram @popupbikepops | See what neighborhood Pop Up Bike Pops is in today on their Events Calendar




Biscuit Box: B&E Seattle Food Truck Spotlight Series

Soft. Flaky. Buttery. Yummy. These are just 4 words that describe Mobile Mavens Biscuit Box retro pop up food truck.  These flaky and buttery biscuits smothered in local flavor, made using Washington-based Shepherd’s Grain flour, are scrumdiddlyumptious! Serving up hearty biscuits with a hint of crunch and finished with a unique blend of sweet or savory toppings, including selections of nostalgic homemade jams, Honey Hole urban honey, Beecher’s flagship cheese featured in a fondue, locally foraged mushrooms, and humanely raised meat, these dreamy treats feed not only the body but the mind and soul. 


Learn more about Biscuit Box at |  Follow them socially as "The Biscuit Box" on Facebook | On Twitter @BiscuitBoxSEA| Droll over them on Instragram @BiscuitBoxSEA | See what neighborhood Biscuit Box is in today on their Events Calendar.

Biscuit Box

Biscuit Box


Tips & Trends at Tin Can Alley with PJ Hummel & Company

We like to recognize people who do great things to help our local event community therefore today we are spotlighting PJ Hummel of PJ Hummel & Company.

PJ has been a long-standing leader and supporter in our industry and last month she hosted an incredible informational "Tips and Trends" expert panel in collaboration with Schramm Marketing and Jonz Catering on how to ensure fundraising events are winners. Ten Essential Components of a Successful Event Plan were covered with a panel of event experts that including Stephanie Schramm of Schramm Marketing- Event Marketing, Jennifer Durham with Host Party & Event Planning - Logistics, Ana Nelson with PJ Hummel & Co.- Decor Specialist, David Dagley with Jonz Catering - Catering/Menu Planning, Amanda Peters with the Tacoma Health Department, and Ed Griffith of Hardcastle Entertainment - Event Lighting.

Held at Tin Can Alley Tacoma, this fun and educational event supplied guests with great information in the cool vibes of Tin Can Alley's signature industrial romance look. 

Thank you to PJ and the entire team for sharing your knowledge, experience and expertise with us. We are thrilled that you will be sharing your 10 Essential Components of a Successful Event Plan on the BanquetEvent blog later this week.


Ten Essential Components of a Successful Event Plan

Ten Essential Components of a Successful Event Plan is a guest post from PJ Hummel & Co in collaboration with Stephanie Schramm - Event Marketing, Jennifer Durham - Logistics, Ana Nelson - Decor Specialist, David Dagley - Catering/Menu Planning, Amanda Peters - Tacoma Health Department, and Ed Griffith - Event Lighting.

event planning

Great events always leave a lasting memory and are an incredible tool for fundraising. While they can be great money makers for an organization, they can also be time consuming and expensive. Like the success of your business a great event requires a well-constructed plan. (Yes, you should have a written event plan for every event you hold!)

To help our local community, Stephanie Schramm of Schramm Marketing, Angie Mingus of Jonz Catering, PJ Hummel of PJ Hummel & Company and Tin Can Alley Tacoma hosted a complimentary event on how to help you ensure that your fundraising event is a winner. They covered the ten essential components of a successful event plan, with expert event planners Stephanie Schramm of Schramm Marketing- Event Marketing, Jennifer Durham with Host Party & Event Planning - Logistics, Ana Nelson with PJ Hummel & Co.- Decor Specialist, David Dagley with Jonz Catering - Catering/Menu Planning, Amanda Peters with the Tacoma Health Department, and Ed Griffith of Hardcastle Entertainment - Event Lighting, and they were gracious enough to share the evenings advice with our BanquetEvent followers.

Set up
Your event staff should plan on the event set-up well in advance. The set-up includes all of the particular of the actual event: Where will it be? Will food be served? Will there be entertainment? What kid of dress will be required? What is the itinerary for the event? What Audio/Visual needs are there and who will handle them?

Just like a new product, your event needs to be aggressively marked to your target audience. You need to convince your supporters that your organization and event are worthy of their time and money. Draw up an entire marking plan for the event. Possible methods of “getting the word out” include: using your non-profit’s fundraising network, mailed invitations, direct mail, phone banks, word of mouth and the event host committee.

Once you market your event, there must be a procedure in place for making the actual tickets sales, or accepting donation for the event. You must decide whether there will be different contribution levels for the event (such as a flat ticket charge, an extra charge to be invited to a V.I.P. reception in addition to the event, etc.). You must decide who will sell the tickets, how they will be shipped or delivered, and who will be responsible for organizing the incoming information.

While you probably won’t need a full run-through of you event, it is essential that everyone who is working the event know, ahead of time, what their responsibility are, where they should be during the event, and how the event is going to “flow”. If you are having a large or unusual event, the key event staff may want to have a practice run to make sure that your operation is running smoothly.

Thank You
One of the most oft heard complaints from contributors to charitable fundraising events is, “They never even said ‘thank you’ “. Ditto for your event volunteers. Make sure that the organization takes the time to send thank-you notes to everyone who is involved in your event, including contributors, volunteers, staff and vendors. Keep your donors happy... you’re probably going to be asking them for another donation sometime down the road. 

To help ensure that your fundraising event is a winner, here are ten major components that you must incorporate into your event plan:

Before doing anything else, you must decide what the purpose of your event is. Is this truly a fundraising event? Or does it have other goals? Perhaps your organization may be hoping to raise money at the event, but the main function of the event is gain publicity, or reach out to a new network. Many charitable events have more than one goal. Figuring out the details for your event will depend on knowing what goals you are trying to achieve.

Fundraising Goal
In conjunction with the event host committee, organization staff, and key fundraisers, you must decide what amount of money plan to raise at the event. If this is truly a fundraising event, then everything in the event plan will be geared to raising this specific amount of money. The amount you choose should be what you hope to net, that is, the amount you plan to rise after expenses are deducted.

Every fundraising event plan should contain a complete budget listing of all the expenses that will be required to hold the event. Your budget should include staff, invitations, space rental, catering, entertainment, transportation, security, utilities, and anything else that will be required to make the event a success. Your budget should keep into account your fundraising totals, ensuring that you raise that amount above and beyond all expenses. Be sure to leave a little extra room in your budget for unforeseen costs.

As part of your fundraising efforts, your event will most likely have a “host committee” and one or more “host committee chairpersons.” These people are responsible for contributing substantial amounts to the event and encouraging others to do the same. The host committee is generally composed of wealthy donors, business leaders, or local celebrities. The host committee and chairpersons are not responsible for actually running the event, but are integral to ensuring that you reach your fundraising goals.

Target Audience
Who is the target audience for you event? Is this a general fundraiser where everyone will be invited? Or is this vent geared towards a specific group like business people, parents, or young professionals? In short, you must decide whom you will invite to your event.