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Secure Fine Dining

Do you ever feel insecure when you hand over your credit card after eating at a restaurant? Think about it, how often do you give someone else your credit card, only to have them walk away with it and swipe the card in a location where you cannot see them? Only at restaurants is this practice acceptable. But how do you know your credit card information is secure? You must be very trusting to just hand your card over to a stanger for their safe keeping. Well in 2008, you may see this practice of handing over your credit card disappear in many restaurants across the U.S. Many restaurants are beginning to use wireless credit card readers. Your server will bring the wireless divise directly to you at your table so you can swipe your own card and enter your payment amount. The devise will even give you the option to add on an automatic 15-25% tip without you ever having to do any quick math in your head. Restaurants aren't the only businesses in the hospitality industry that will begin to use these high-tech machines. You'll also notice them popping up on the golf course as the golf club employees visit you with their carts full of snacks. But be carefull, research also shows that paying with a credit card also entices people to spend more money than they would normally since no cash is exchanged.

Do you think this new method of paying will work? Tell us your thoughts.

This wireless credit card reader shown comes from Verifone Tablepay.


Event Resource Guide - Going Color!

Banquet & Event Resource Inc. ( has been publishing resource guides for almost two decades. For the first time, the 2009 Wedding & Event Resource Guides will be published in full, radiant color. Over 10,000 meeting & event planners use B&E's Event Resource Guide each year, and the change to color will certainly be well received by event planners across the Puget Sound region. The 2009 Event Resource Guide will be available September 23, 2008 at the Northwest Event Show.

As of now, the 2008 Event Resource Guide is available and is a free gift for meeting & event planners. If you don't already have your copy, you may order it online here. The 2008 edition features a brand new layout and 600 pages of event-related resources for planning events in the Puget Sound and beyond. Copies are limited so order yours today. And remember, everything in the guides are also available for your convenience at


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