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Memorial Day 2015

Formerly known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day is one of our oldest national holidays. It was first celebrated in 1858 to honor both Union and Confederate dead from the Civil War.

   Today, we lump it together with a three day weekend, picnics, parades, the Indianapolis 500 and it's become the unofficial start of summer. Have a wonderful time celebrating, but take a minute on Monday to remember the true meaning of Memorial Day and honor the sacrifice of all those men and women who have died in defense of our country.


The Boathouse Open House - June 2

You're invited!
The Boathouse
at Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center

Open House
Tuesday, June 2nd,  4-7 pm

Please RSVP by Friday May 29th at

Join us for a beautiful afternoon on the deck, sample delicious bites and refreshing cocktails provided by Madres Kitchen.

The Boathouse
Located on the shores of Lake Washington, just minutes from downtown Seattle, offers spectacular waterfront views of the Cascades and Mt. Baker.
Participating Vendors Include:
• Madres Kitchen
• Banquet & Event
• Jubilee Event Engineers
• Hannah Wahl Photography
• Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center
• Seattle Parks and Recreation
• Vintage Ambiance
• Pedersen's Rentals

  Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center | 3800 Lake Washington Blvd S | Seattle | WA | 98118


Seattle Business Tradeshow - May 20

With 160 exhibitors and over 1,000 attendees, the Seattle Business Tradeshow is a 4-hour, power-packed event where you can boost your brand awareness and meet your next customers. This event attracts throngs of attendees and exhibitors from four counties and more than 20 different sectors.

Why attend? Only $10 stands between you and:

  1. CONNECTING: 1000+ Seattle business networking opportunities.
  2. FREE HEADSHOTS: Smile for your free headshot at the Guaranteed Education Tuition Program booth with Alabastro Photography.
  3. WIN AIRLINE TICKETS OR AN XBOX ONE: And other great items including arts and sporting event tickets, hotel fare, tablets and more.
  4. MINGLE: In the BizX Zone, a networking hub to gather, mingle and gain valuable business tips.
  5. GET FUNKY: Arrive early for the 2 p.m. Pre-func on Essential Marketing Tactics with Growth Hacker Yoli Chisholm.
  6. MEET: Experience the variety of products and services Chamber member exhibitors have to offer.
  7. NOM, NOM, NOM: Dive into the nacho bar and nosh on other bites from Homegrown, Farestart, Frosted Cupcakes & Cakes, Herban Feast and more.
  8. BOOST YOUR SKILLS: With a professional development mini seminar:
    • "Boothmanship and Working the Trade Show Floor" by Trimuph Expo & Events
    • "Ten sustainable skills for the 21st Century: preparing the next generation workforce" by Sustainable Media Group
    • "Business Improvisation Breakout" by Improv Alive!
    • "How to Sell the Sizzle not the Steak" by BizX
    • "It ain’t dog food if the dog don’t eat it!" by Vivacity

Redhook Brewery - Open House June 3rd

Redhook Loft

Summer is just around the corner, so before we are up to our ears in celebrations, mark your calendars for Redhook Brewery in Woodinville's upcoming Open House Event! Come out to the Brewery and their newly renovated Redhook Loft (formerly known as the Weatherman’s Room) and connect before the busy season is officially upon us.
Here are the details:

  • Wednesday, June 3rd from 4pm – 8pm
  • Meet a fabulous select vendors,
  • Sip on Redhook's frosty cool brews and snack on delicious bites
  • Spread the word and invite any clients or other industry folk who may be interested in hosting an event at Redhook in the future.
  • RSVP to by 5/31 with your name, company name, and the number of guests attending this event with you.

Participating vendors include:

• 1000 Words Events
• AA Party Rentals
• Fena Flowers
• Jake Holt Photography
• Magnolia Rhapsody DJ
• New York Cupcakes
• Pink Blossom Events
• The Invisible Hostess
• Cameron Tomisser Videography


Chihuly Garden and Glass Anniversay Celebration!!


5 Great Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

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6 Tips for Spring Cleaning your Office Space

office spring cleaning

 It’s the first day of Spring (hello tulips, ramps and Redhook Breweries Mudslinger Brown Ale) and that means it’s also Spring Cleaning Time!  For many of us, the weekend will be filled with decluttering, dusting and dumping in our homes, but don’t forget about the other space you spend so much of your time in, your office.  It doesn’t take a research company to prove that there is a direct correlation between productivity and clutter. Although the National Association of Professional Organizations has done just that and determined that paper clutter is the number one problem in offices today.  Studies suggest that the average person wastes over four hours per week just searching for papers.  How could this not add to the stress level of your workplace?

So whether you’re working from your home office or in a cubicle, here are’s top 6 tips for creating a more productive, clean, and organized workspace.


  1. Sort and File. Divide your workspace into specific zones and create a filing system.  Choose a system that works for you, whether it’s metal stacking trays or baskets.  Be sure to pick a method that you will stick with.  A good rule of thumb for deciding what deserves the best real estate space on your desk it that the items you need often, pens, a notebook, B&E Event Resource Guide, should all be within an arms reach. 
  2. Declutter.  Get rid of old papers, magazines, and other unnecessary items that have been lying around your workspace.  This also includes taking those empty coffee cups and Diet Coke cans to the kitchen to wash or recycle.
  3. Sort through the Junk Drawer.  This gets it’s own number aside from the overall “Organize” because let’s face it, this is most likely the worst area of your office, and possibly, there’s more than just one.  Toss those dried ink pens, sort through the post-it notes and try implementing a system just for these drawers.  Drawer dividers give everything a place and make maintaining organization a snap.
  4. Organize your Desktop. Spring-cleaning your workspace isn’t just about the tangible items that are cluttering up your space.  Organize your desktop icons, documents and emails. Organize your inbox like you would your paper files using folders, flags, or other functions available through your operating system.
  5. Dust and Disinfect. Use a microfiber cloth and disinfecting cleaner to wipe down all of your hard surfaces, including desks, chairs, tables, and shelves. Don’t forget about the phone, keyboard, mouse, printer, fax machine, and computer screen.
  6. Pleasure vs. Business.  Many of us have the pleasure of telecommuting for work in today’s corporate world and it’s important to keep that home office free of distraction.  Have a designated space for work mail and research tools and encourage housemates or family members to respect your space and keep their items out of your area.

 Happy Spring-Office Cleaning! 

Have suggestions or tips for Spring Cleaning the Office or other advice and tips you'd like to see featured on the B&E Event Blog?  Let us know in the Comments!